Badenoch & Strathspey Music Festival

Results - Monday 13th March a.m.
Monday 13th March 9.15am Duke of Gordon Hotel
Adjudicator: Marie-Louise Napier
Class 255 Aged 8 & under
Molly Mae Robson Grantown Primary Distinction 1=
Isla McLeod Kingussie Primary Distinction 1=
Victoria Pilkowska Aviemore Primary Commended 3=
Rhona Scott Grantown Primary Commended 3=
Angus Robinson Grantown Primary Commended
Emma Duncan Kingussie Primary Merit
 Seamus Burke  Alvie Primary Merit
 Macleod Dawson   Alvie Primary  Merit
 Innes MacDonald   Alvie Primary  Merit
Lexi Bostock Grantown Primary Merit
Anna Hutt Grantown Primary Merit
Skye Smith Grantown Primary Merit
 Brandon Keith   Alvie Primary  Merit
 Oliver Hood   Alvie Primary  Merit
Taylor Marshall Grantown Primary Merit
Class 256 Aged 10 & under
Iona Craig  Aviemore Primary Distinction 1st and Smillie Trophy
Xander Johnston Aviemore Primary Distinction 2=
Elsbeth Archer Carrbridge  Distinction 2=
Willow Godlington Abernethy Primary Distinction 2=
Cailean McKerron Insh Distinction 2=
 Zoe Allen   Kingussie Primary  Commended
 Faye Barclay   Grantown Primary  Commended
 Katie Bissett   Grantown Primary  Commended
 Surya Harrison   Grantown Primary  Commended
 Kada Helliwell   Grantown Primary  Commended
Macey Henderson  Grantown Primary  Commended
Natalie Masson Grantown Primary Commended
Annabelle Schulz Grantown Primary Commended
Thea Stronach Grantown Primary Commended
Paddy Burke Alvie Primary Commended
Iby Munro Carrbridge Primary Commended
Kari Thurlbeck Carrbridge Primary Commended
Grace Kirkton-Vaughn Grantown Primary Merit
Tilly Swan Grantown Primary Merit
 Sophie Kirkland   Kingussie Primary  Merit
 Marcus Alliod   Grantown Primary  Merit
Class 213 Primary Whistle Group
Grantown Primary 5 Grantown Primary Distinction 1st & Feis Spe Shield
Class 257 Aged 12 & under
Max Rowley Kingussie High School Commended 1st 
Megan Birkby Kingussie Primary Commended 2=
Maili McLeod Kingussie Primary Commended 2=
Hope Borthwick Kingussie Primary Commended
Rosie Anderson Grantown Grammar Merit 
George Taylor- Ramsay Grantown Grammar Merit 
Alice Carrott Abernethy Primary Merit 
Katie Slimon Gergask Primary Merit 
Rosa Coker Abernethy Primary Merit 

Scoring: 81 - 83 Merit, 84 - 86 Commended, 87 - 89 Distinction, 90 plus Outstanding