Badenoch & Strathspey Music Festival
Verse Speaking - Monday 20th a.m.
Monday 20th  March 9 am Duke of Gordon Hotel
Adjudicator: Eleanor Tregaskis
Class 60  Boys and Girls Aged under 6 Grade
Rachel Slimon Gergask Primary Distinction  1=
Wiosna Wieczorek Deshar Primary Distinction  1=
Olly March Deshar Primary Distinction  3=
Jonas Hajeksmutny Deshar Primary Distinction  3=
Anna Dallas Kingussie Primary Commended
Sophie Aitken Kingussie Primary Commended
Louise MacKinnon Strathdearn Primary Commended
Gracie May Short Kingussie Primary Commended
Hannah MacDonald Strathdearn Primary Commended
Alisha Champ Kingussie Primary Merit
Class 64 Boys and Girls Aged 9 & 10
Finn Benbow Newtonmore Primary Outstanding 1st & Reid Cup
Ava Goldsmith Kingussie Primary Distinction 2nd
Sophie Kirkland Kingussie Primary Distinction 3rd
Kirsty Grant Gergask Primary Distinction
Louis Molyneaux Gergask Primary Distinction
Niamh Hallam Strathdearn Primary Distinction
Izabela Wasilewska Strathdearn Primary Commended
Lewis Bigham Strathdearn Primary Commended
Lucy Tulloch Grantown Primary Commended
Archie Laing Grantown Primary Commended
Mikolaj Berowski Kingussie Primary Commended
Morgan Cameron Grantown Primary Commended
Grace Kirkton-Vaughn Grantown Primary Commended
Alice Patton Grantown Primary Commended
Leah Hunt Grantown Primary Commended
Duncan Sparman Grantown Primary Merit
Archie McKenzie Newtonmore Primary Merit
Caitlin Evans Gergask Primary Merit
Aileas Robertson Strathdearn Primary Merit
Ruby Downs Strathdearn Primary Merit
Class 66 Boys and Girls Aged 11 & 12
Katie Slimon Gergask Primary Distinction 1=
Max Conneely Kingussie Primary Distinction 1=
Class 68 Boys and Girls S1-S2
Morven Bayton Kingussie High Distinction 1st
Ellen Ogden Kingussie High Distinction 2=
Lauren Beattie Kingussie High Distinction 2=
Remy Cain  Kingussie High Distinction
Kirsten Corson Kingussie High Distinction
Imogen Scott Kingussie High Commended
Isabella Olds Kingussie High Commended
Kayla Bradshaw Kingussie High Commended
Shannon Sawyer Kingussie High Commended
Class 82  1/2/3 teacher schools
Strathdearn Primary Strathdearn Distinction 1st
Class 79 Primary 1 &2
Newtonmore Primary 1/2 Newtonmore Primary Commended
Aviemore Primary 1 Aviemore Primary Distinction
Class 80 Primary 3&4
Newtonmore Primary 3&4 Newtonmore Primary Distinction 1st & Hay Trophy
Aviemore Primary 3 Aviemore Primary Distinction
Grantown Primary 3 Grantown Primary Distinction
Class 81 Primary 5,6&7
Newtonmore Primary 5&6 Newtonmore Primary Distinction 1=
Kingussie Primary 7 Kingussie Primary Distinction 1=
Class 75 Boys and Girls Aged 11 &under
Saoirse Derry Newtonmore Primary Distinction 1st
Felicity Carstairs Newtonmore Primary Commended
Megan Vis Newtonmore Primary Commended
Class 76 Boys and Girls Aged 13 &under
Finn Nott Nethybridge Outstanding 1=& Golden Jubilee Cup
Hamish Nott Nethybridge Outstanding 1= & Golden Jubilee Cup

Scoring: 81 - 83 Merit, 84 - 86 Commended, 87 - 89 Distinction, 90 plus Outstanding