Badenoch & Strathspey Music Festival

Results - Saturday 18th am March
Saturday 18th March 10am Kingussie Primary
Adjudicators: Catriona Ross ; Brian Yates
Class 300 Chanter
Alexander Scott Newtonmore Primary Commended 1st & Buchannan Trophy
Ruby Kant Carrbridge Primary Commended 2nd & MacGowan Cup
Finlay Beange Grantown Primary Commended 3=
Josh Talbot- Heigh Grantown Grammar Commended 3=
Alex Blair Carrbridge Primary Commended 3=
James Blair Grantown Grammar Merit
Eoin Jones Carrbridge Primary Merit
Archie Mackenzie Newtonmore Primary Merit
Erin Macbeth Kingussie Primary Merit
Zac Marshall Grantown Grammar Merit
Class 301 Goose
Charlie Ferguson Kingussie High Commended  1st & Buchanan Quaich
Ritchie Irvine Kingussie High Commended
Class 302 Solo Novice Pipes
Charlie Campbell Kingussie Primary Outstanding 1= & Strathspey RBL Shield
Anna Cox Grantown Grammar Outstanding 1= & Strathspey RBL Shiled
Finn Nott Nethybridge Outstanding 3=
Kyle Powell  Grantown Grammar Outstanding 3=
Callum Mackintosh Grantown Grammar Outstanding 3=
Jack Sinclair Kingussie High Distinction
Ewan Mackintosh Grantown Grammar Distinction
Jack Boyd Wallis Grantown Grammar Distinction
Michael Slimon Kingussie High Distinction
Marcus Orr Kingussie High School Distinction
Iain Ross Grantown Grammar Distinction
Class 303 Solo Pipes aged 15 and under 4 part march for intermediate players
Sorley Thomson Kingussie High  Outstanding 1st & Strathspey RBL Trophy
Fiona MacDonell Kingussie High Distinction
Class 304 Solo Pipes aged 16 and under March Strathspey and Reel
Finlay Bremner Grantown Grammar Outstanding 1st & Strathspey RBL Trophy
Eilidh Weir Kingussie High Outstanding 2nd
Lyall Kinnaird Grantown Grammar Distinction
Class 305 Solo Pipes aged 18 and under own choice
Ross Weir Aviemore Outstanding 1st & Steele trophy
Sam Appleby Kingussie High Outstanding 2nd
Mark Waters Kingussie High  Outstanding

Scoring: 81 - 83 Merit, 84 - 86 Commended, 87 - 89 Distinction, 90 plus Outstanding